Q- What are the National Symbols of Panama


National Symbols of panama are given below:

National Flag of Panama isNational flag of Panama
National Emblem of Panama isCoat of Arms of Panama
National Language of Panama isSpanish
National Animal of Panama isPanamanian golden frogs
National Tree of Panama isSterculia apetala
National Bird of Panama isHarpy Eagle
National Anthem of Panama isHimno Istmeño
National Sports of Panama isBaseball
National Flower of Panama isPeristeria Elata
National Colors of Panama isBlue, white and red
National Fruit of Panama isRambutan
National Monument of Panama isChurch of the Golden Altar, Metropolitan Cathedral, Salón Bolivar, Las Bovedas vaults, Heron's Palace and a French monument.
National Fruit of Panama isRambutan
National Dance of Panama isThe Tamborito
National Dish of Panama isSancocho
National Day of Panama is03, November
National Airline of Panama isCopa Airlines
National Drink of Panama isSeco
National Instrument of Panama isAccordion
National Dish of Panama isSancocho
National Poet of Panama isRicardo Miró
National Founder of Panama isSimón Bolívar
National Dress of Panama isPollera
National Hero of Panama isVictoriano Lorenzo
National Mausoleum of Panama isNot Declared
National Football Team of Panama isLos Canaleros (The Canal Men) La Marea Roja (The Red Tide)

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