National Symbols of Empire of Austenasia

The Empire of Austenasia is a micronation (also known as a self-declared sovereign state) based in the United Kingdom. Formed in 2008, it operates under the constitutional monarchy of its fourth Emperor, Jonathan I, and comprises twenty-four properties that have declared themselves independent under the leadership of a house in the London Borough of Sutton.

Micronation information

Founded / Years Active 20 September 2008
Status Current
Organizational structure Monarchy
Purported currency Pound sterling (£)

Coat of arms

Motto of Empire of Austenasia

IMPERATOR ET POPVLVS AVSTENASIÆ The Emperor and People of Austenasia

National anthem of Empire of Austenasia

God Save the Emperor

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Country/region claimed by United Kingdom

National Flag of Empire of Austenasia